Sunday, April 22, 2012

My First Blog!

Welcome to my Blog!

Hey all! Welcome to my first official blog for my up and coming jewelry line "Cutiepie Designs". It is a fun line that I decided to create to keep women fly, flashy, and unique. I think as women we are always trying to compete with the next instead of vibing off of what the next woman has to offer. So that is my goal: To give women creative accessories to compliment their own unique styles and inspire the next woman to do the same. So lets VIBE TOGETHER!
                                                     Kiearstan Carter


  1. Great LittleLady! Can't wait t see your designs so I can spoil my sisters!

  2. Thanks! I have some of them in my second blog :)

  3. yay entry number 1, you got to start somewhere and I'm happy you took that step sis

  4. Thanks for giving me the idea sis! :)